Infosapp selected for International Award

Apr 21 2016
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Infosapp has been selected to receive the International Arch of Europe (IAE) Award in the Gold category at the International BID Quality Convention, which will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, on Sunday, June 26th, 2016. The decision to present this award is the result of research and analysis carried out through Quality Hunters, leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in quality, directed by Business Initiative Directions (BID), to recognize the contribution of Infosapp in terms of Leadership, Quality, Innovation and Excellence.
The IAE Selection Committee used as a basis the criteria contained in the QC100 Total Quality Management Model which, in conjunction with BID’s Quality Mix technology, will strengthen your position of leadership and help you to improve the growth and visibility of your organization.

In the conventions carried out by BID during the past 10 months in the emblematic cities of Paris, London, Madrid, Geneva, Frankfurt and New York, companies and organizations from 119 countries were the protagonists. During that period, those participating leaders and experts in quality and excellence submitted their votes for those candidacies presented.

At the Frankfurt Convention, BID will also present a seminar led by a panel of qualified professionals in the field of Quality Theory and Practice on topics of particular interest to the specific sectors of award winners.

The IAE Convention will take place in Frankfurt on June 25th and 26th, 2016 with the award presentation being held at the spectacular Theatre Convention Hall, facing the Main River, in the historical zone of Frankfurt and near the financial sector. Delegates of the award- winning businesses and organizations will participate along with their colleagues.

The IAE Award, given to leaders by leaders, is sponsored by 26 Imarpress media publications (, all oriented towards organizations focused on Innovation, Quality and Excellence. Upon receiving the IAE Award in Frankfurt, Infosapp will join a select group of previous BID award recipients, strengthening its own prestige as a result.