Message from our CEO

John Hooper - Infosapp CEOIt's my pleasure to welcome you to our redesigned website. Our News Blog will also be online soon and I will take the opportunity to offer online design tutorials that will cover design principles, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tips and general design techniques. This will also include some goodies that can be downloaded for use in branding and web projects. I have always maintained that we should not fall in love with our designs and code. We should give them away so that we can create new ones.

Over the years I have received enormous amount of calls to share my creative experience and  to even resume some of my political and social cartoons that appeared in The Graphic, Mirror and other newspapers and magazines in Ghana. I am saying yes to the former as my interest in political cartooning has given way to creative direction and strategy.

We are excited about the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead and we strive to work hard and smart so that we can honour our commitments  to our clients around the world.

Thank you to all our clients for the opportunity to serve you. We are proud to work with all of you to provide distinctive digital solutions that is critical for the growth of your businesses.

At Infosapp, we strive to be a World class creative agency and an accountable partner driven by commitment to our values and philosophies.

It's our resolve to continue to lead the way in providing holistic digital solutions for our clients. We will work with them to ensure that their message is accessible, clear, powerful and memorable.

Thank you for stopping by.


John Hooper

Founder / CEO